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A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, August 21, 2017

LOYAL MICHAEL SAVAGE TURNS ON TRUMP FOR HIS BETRAYALS - Accuses him of catering to the left and globalists and abandoning his agenda

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MICHAEL SAVAGE:   "The left-wing mob, caught up in mass hysteria did not defeat Nazism.   These self-righteous anti-nationalists defeated free speech itself.   Let me remind them, the First Amendment was not written to protect polite speech; it was written to defend offensive speech.”
  • Fired by Trump, Steve Bannon was back at his home base at Breitbart News for only a few hours before he launched his promised offensive against globalists and liberals in the White House. 
  • Breitbart News has ramped up its reporting exposing the machinations around the president, including not only National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster but now the Kushners as well, and it couldn't be too soon.   
  • The Kushners have been spared the right wing's wrath so far in deference to the fact that Ivanka is Trump's daughter, but it's no secret that Jared Kushner and his wife and Ivanka are life-long Democrats pushing for a globalist agenda inside the White House contrary to the one that got Trump elected. 
  • The Kushners, McMaster, and hundreds of Obama holdovers in positions of influence all over the administration, are trying to implement another Democrat administration. 
  • Trump himself is to blame for  his failure to fulfill his agenda, mainly because of (1) bringing in establishment Republicans and globalists into his inner circle; and (2) for grossly underestimating the dark powers of the Deep State, or the Swamp, as he used to call it.   
  • Also, he never realized that his casual way of talking about controversial issues could be seized upon by his enemies and turned into a deadly weapon against his presidency.  
  • Now Trump is all alone in the White House, without a true ally beside him.  The Democrats, the Republicans, the intelligence agencies, the media, his cabinet, the Obama holdovers at the administration, the politically correct establishment, they have all ganged up against him and the voters who elected him, and actively trying to kill his agenda.  
  • How long will he be able to stand up to the relentless barrage of personal attacks?  He is a 70 year old man.  He did not sign up for relentless harassment and bullying.  At some point he will have to say The hell with it, and then resign to enjoy the years he still has ahead of him.  His supporters were hoping that he would never stop fighting, but his now increasing instances of surrender to the Swamp do not bode well. 
  • If Trump fails to fulfill his agenda, the USA will become the demographic and security disaster that the globalist and terminally-politically-correct European Union already is, with its out-of-control immigration, and increasing acts of crime, violence, rape, and terror.  That's what Hillary and the Democrats had promised to America:  open borders, and catering to terrorists and criminals out of political correctness.
  • If Trump fails, so does America.  Supporting Donald Trump is not something Americans do because they like him personally - he is a very flawed individual, after all.  What they see in him is their last chance to save the United States of America.  
BREITBART EXCLUSIVE – Michael Savage Scolds Trump, Blasts Boston Leftists: ‘Trump Has Buckled to the Mob’

Author and radio host Michael Savage scolded President Trump and left-wing “Antifa” protesters in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News Sunday  — accusing President Trump of having “buckled to the mob” in Boston and warning that if Trump keeps kowtowing to Antifa and other leftist groups, “it’s all over.”

Savage was referring to a tweet from Trump sent Saturday, in which the president said he “applauds” the Antifa counter-protesters who showed up in the thousands to protest a free speech march of a few hundred people. The left-wing protesters are reported to have thrown rocks, and Boston police requested they not throw bottles of urine at officers.
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Saturday, August 19, 2017

DO THESE MAGNIFICENT WORLD MONUMENTS NEED TO BE DESTROYED TOO? They are also associated with slavery and gruesome crimes, although NOT perpetrated by white men

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VIDEO by Ethiopian-Canadian journalist Jay Fayza - Whites aren't the most racist people - Facts show that they are the most tolerant in the world
  • There is a frenzy now to erase and destroy anything connected to slavery and racial discrimination in the USA, even the name of the nation's capital because George Washington owned slaves. 
  • However, slavery is not only part of the history of almost all nations, but the practice of slavery is going on RIGHT NOW in Africa, Asia, and particularly in some Muslim nations, as sanctioned by the Koran. 
  • VIDEOS posted on  this article show the history of the Arab slave trade in Africa (where millions were killed), and how it still goes on in Muslim countries such as Muslim Mauritania.  
  • If we are going to ban everything connected to slavery, intellectual honesty demands that we denounce ALL monuments and individuals connected to slavery, regardless of their race and nationality. 
  • The following article by a Breitbart News reporter was written in a sarcastic tone, so please don't take the writer's call to destroy these monuments literally.  
by Allum Bokhari - Breitbart News
We have been informed by our moral superiors that President Trump is a monster for suggesting that Confederate monuments ought to be preserved. They say Confederate monuments are associated with slavery, tyranny, and oppression. But what happens when we take this logic to its natural conclusion?
Earlier this week, Trump asked if campaigns to remove monuments to Washington and Jefferson would follow on the heels of the removal of statues to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and other Confederate monuments.
Al Sharpton was quick out of the gate with an answer for the President: yes, yes they would.   Sharpton argues that the Jefferson memorial must go because of Jefferson’s association with the institution of slavery.
The Baltimore Sun, meanwhile, calls confederate monuments legacies of “racism” and “state-sponsored oppression.”
These are big, moral words that only evil bad thinkers would disagree with. But I’ve spotted a problem with them: they’re far too Anglocentric in their focus, and being Anglocentric is almost as bad as being a racist. I’ve therefore taken it upon myself to expand the flawless logic of the statue-smashers worldwide, because it’s not just America that harbors symbols of oppression and slavery within her borders.
On the following list, you’ll find one example from America, and five from beyond her borders. Perhaps one day, when the tyranny of Trump is ended and the neoconservatives (who, as we’ve seen over the past few days, agree with the left about everything) are restored to their rightful place in the Oval Office, America will liberate all these deeply oppressed foreign folk from their glorious monuments.
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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

DONALD TRUMP: WHERE DOES IT STOP? - SHOULD THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY BE DISMANTLED FOR SUPPORTING SLAVERY IN THE CIVIL WAR (while Republicans such as Lincoln fought against it) - History is full of slave owners, such as the prophet Muhammad and American Indians

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  • Donald Trump challenged proponents of the destruction of monuments of notable Americans with links to slavery to say where will they stop?  Will monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson be next?
  • Identity politics has a hidden agenda that is not meant to redress present or past injustices, but to stir up hatred between groups and to benefit from it out of political opportunism.   
  • Making historical slavery in America an issue can be manipulative and very convenient because it elicits immediate feelings of guilt in a white population that has never owned slaves.   
  • Black and brown Americans and their white liberal friends, who are so outraged by a past of slavery in the USA, should take a good look at slavery as it is practiced TODAY in some Muslim countries, especially in Africa.
  • After all, Muhammad owned slaves, and the slavery of non-Muslims is sanctioned and encouraged by the Koran.  
  • Furthermore, Muslim Arabs were key participants in the old slave trade that captured and sold slaves to the British and to the American colonies.   If white Americans are expected to feel guilty, why not Muslims?    
  • Black Lives Matter (BLM) is closely associated with Muslim political groups in America.  It does not seem to matter to white-loathing and Islam-loving BLM that Islam not only captured and killed millions of Africans, but that to this day Muslims own African slaves.   
  • Now, what about the Democratic Party itself, which was pro-slavery during the Civil War and anti-civil rights for blacks for even longer than that?  Should it be completely dismantled to purify its members from their offensive historical association with slavery? 
  • The following VIDEO by Tucker Carlson briefly outlines how complicated it is to find American historical figures and ethnic groups that are completely pure and free from association with slavery and other racial crimes.
VIDEO "Which Statues Are Next? Washington? Jefferson? - Tucker Carlson
More videos with Tucker Carlson
The Democratic Party defended slavery, started the Civil War, opposed Reconstruction, funded the Ku Klux Klan, imposed segregation, perpetrated lynchings, and fought against Civil Rights Acts of the 1950s and 1960s.  In contrast the Republican Party was funded as an anti-slavery party.    
Old political poster that summarizes the true agendas of the Democratic and Republican platforms
VIDEO The Inconvenient Truth about the Democratic Party - the Party of Slavery

More videos by Prager University

VIDEO -  Why Did the Democratic South Become Republican?

Short Video about today's Muslim practice of slavery in Mauritania

EXTENDED VIDEO - The Untold Story of
Arab Slave Trade of Africans 
This Muslim slave trade goes on to this day.



Monday, August 14, 2017

THE KOREAN TWO STATE SOLUTION - HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR YOU? - Some inconvenient truths by author Jack Engelhardt

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While the world was so busy condemning Israel, nuclear North Korea happened

By Jack EngelhardAuthor of the international bestsellers such as  “Indecent Proposal”.  He is the recipient of the Ben Hecht Award for Literary Excellence. 

Between North Korea and South Korea, that IS a two-state solution, and how is that working out?    Trump’s predecessors and the UN did not do much to stop North Korea. They were busy condemning Israel as the danger to world peace.  All along the real hotspot was in and around North Korea…or the 38th Parallel. But the world chose Israel as its focus because that’s where the Jews live. 

No Jews in North Korea, figured the nations, so let Kim Jong-un play with his toys; those nuclear-tipped missiles. We’ll worry about it another day.   But for Israel, it’s every day, or nearly so, that the UN finds some reason to condemn and obsesses over…and the price could be deadly.

That’s our champion at the UN, Nikki Haley, who says so, and she has warned that the obsession against Israel distracts from the real dangers coming from Hezbollah, Iran – and North Korea. Attention must be paid to tinhorn tyrants and madmen like Kim.    A day of reckoning is sure to arrive – and so it has. 

Israel is that tiny country in red.  Those in green are all Muslim nations, forced to convert after Arab invasions and occupation starting in the 7th century. And now the world wants to partition Israel, which has been Jewish for thousands of years, to create yet another Muslim Arab terror state. (Blogger) 

The Arab-Israel conflict has always been a sideshow. It got placed center stage because the Israelis were always willing to talk, concede and make deals for the sake of peace (though it never seems to be enough). No talks, no concessions, no deals, no peace from North Korea. 

We woke up one morning, just a few days ago in fact, to find that North Korea poses a real and present danger. Kim wants war. 

Talk about obsessive…

The NY Times takes pleasure at featuring Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a “parasitic thug,” yes, another day at “the paper of record.”    Or more “news” like that “fit to print.”   Kim is the nightmare. But don’t tell the Times.

France's ex president Hollande loves arch terrorist
 Mahmoud Abbas, chief of the Palestinian Authority

Plus twice a year, France invites the leaders of the world to join in a summit to solve what it perceives to be the world’s greatest crisis.

North Korea? No. Israel. That’s where everybody has an answer…and a peace process…and a two-state solution.

Between North Korea and South Korea, that IS a two-state solution, and how is that working out?

Lately not so good. Kim wants to play. He is ready to use his toys against the United States. He has already pinpointed Guam. He threatens to bomb it days from now.     President Trump does not like the game but GAME ON if that’s the deal.

Was Trump correct to go rhetorically “fire and fury” against Kim? Absolutely. “In a place where there are no men, be a man,” goes the wisdom.   Trump chooses to be a man. 

As did Israel back on June 7, 1981, when the IDF said hello Saddam Hussein, goodbye Iraq’s nuclear facilities at Osirak.  (Israel bombed Iraq's incipient nuclear reactor, to the outrage of the USA and the rest of the world. Blogger.)

The entire world hollered at the Jewish State for taking such preemptive action, but later thanked Israel for stopping yet another rogue regime from developing nukes.   
Chutzpah like that would have been useful at some point against Kim and the nuts that preceded him.

Trump’s predecessors did not do much (certainly not enough) to stop North Korea. Therefore Trump is left with few choices. 
So he spoke his mind. He did not mince words when he warned Kim that Kim’s next move could be his last.

Leftists here in the US, and from around the world have been quick to censure and even ridicule Trump for speaking up with such boldness. 

They are the same people who are always wrong about everything.

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

HOW FASCISM WAS REDEFINED AS RIGHT WING after the war, although it was originally socialist and left wing

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  • The word NAZI has powerful emotional connotations.  We associate it with the worst in human nature. The political left routinely uses the word "Nazi" to silence opponents to their agenda. 
  • But history shows how the left has used Nazi methods of governance and control of the population throughout history (such as in Communist Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, China, and more).  Those methods have included genocide on a grand scale. 
  • The left's violent attacks on Trump supporters, and their repeated efforts to silence those who stand for free speech, are chillingly reminiscent of Hitler's Brown Shirts.  The following article debunks the notion that Nazis and Fascists were right wing.  
Big Liar  -  How Theodor Adorno
 redefined Fascism
By Dinesh D'Souza, author of 
The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left

Fascism and Nazism are both phenomena of the left. This makes ideological sense, because at their core they represent ideologies of the centralized, all-powerful state.   
Moreover, fascism grew out of Marxism, and fascism’s founder Benito Mussolini, was a Marxist and lifelong socialist.
Hitler, too, was a socialist who headed the National Socialist Party and in fact changed the name of the German Workers Party to make it the National Socialist German Workers Party.
How, then, did progressives in America re-define fascism and Nazism as phenomena of the right? This sleight-of-hand occurred after World War II, once fascism and Nazism were discredited with the reputation of Holocaust. Then progressives recognized it was important to cover up the leftist roots of fascism and Nazism and to move them from the left-wing column into the right-wing column.
The man most responsible for the progressive redefinition of fascism is Theodor Adorno, a German Marxist intellectual and a member of the influential Institute for Social Research, otherwise known as the Frankfurt School.
The Frankfurt School scholars were leftists and most of them were refugees from Nazi Germany.  Some settled in Europe; others like Adorno and Herbert Marcuse came to the United States.
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SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF VIOLENCE IN CHARLOTTESVILLE while police were ordered to stand down

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Yesterday at Charlottesville, USA:
A counter demonstrator uses a lighted spray can against a white nationalist demonstrator at the entrance to Lee Park
The media and politicians demand that Trump denounce ultra-rightists exclusively.  But leftist and black supremacist aggression has been the norm until now, and gone on without criticism.  The president was correct in condemning violence from all sides.    
Images show the two opposing sides of the crowd throwing bottles and becoming increasingly violent
This is war.  Police and media tolerance for leftist violence has led to this. 
 City officials declared a local emergency shortly after 11am. Brawls broke out as people in militia gear tackled others to the ground and began throwing punches
A moment when the ultra-right demonstrators appear to be just defending themselves.
This time the extreme right hopes to have a stronger showing thanks to the presence of various leaders of the 'alt-right' movement that has been emboldened by Donald Trump's ascent to the White House
Homage to Hitler's torch parades the night before the rally.  Neo-Nazis are coming out of the closet in a country that seems ripe for civil war.

The media does not want BLM and the left to be blamed for violence in America - only the moderate and the extreme right wing.   In the meantime BLM have burned entire neighborhoods in many American cities.

In Berkeley, as in many other college campuses and venues, the left resorts to violence to silence those they disagree with.
No one I know would defend what white supremacists in Charlottesville stand for, but as American citizens they have the right to protest peacefully, and that's what they seemed to be doing all along (with a proper city permit), until leftists thugs showed up in what they called a counter-demonstration, and then all hell broke loose.   
Leftists thugs are used to assault the more gentle Trump supporters and get away with it.  This time leftists were met with extreme right protestors who had come prepared to defend themselves with shields, home-made pepper spray, and even legal guns.  And when assaulted, they returned punch with punch.   
Leftist violence has become the norm.  Trump supporters have been routinely attacked at every rally, and left bleeding while police stand by.  Leftist authorities at all levels appear to have given leftists a pass to intimidate and assault those who uphold a different ideology.
VIDEO - Stefan Molyneux interviews Faith Goldy, a Rebel Media reporter who was only inches away when a car rammed into a crowd of demonstrators at Charlottesville.  She tells all about the violent rally, and how the excesses of BLM and the left will unleash the rise of the extreme right: 
Videos by Faith Goldy:
Virginia Governor McAuliffe in Charlottesville ‘No Place in America’ for Alt-Right, Refuses to Condemn leftist AntiFa -  While he strongly denounced the alt-right, he repeatedly refused to condemn leftist violence.
Sometimes leftist violence is indiscriminate, as in the following cases, where they attacked media sympathetic to them:  
KATIE COURIC TWEETS Disgust After Two Of Her Producers Are Sprayed With Urine At Charlottesville Protest…Doesn’t Mention ANTIFA Thugs Sprayed Them
VIDEO - Where were the police?  Tucker Carlson's interview - In riot after riot police seem to disappear.  Local authorities order police to stand down and let anti-fa and BLM rioters attack opponents with complete impunity. 
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Thursday, August 10, 2017


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As Hitler was wiping out millions of Jews, he was preparing the creation of a museum of Jewish culture to showcase an "extinct race".
Decades later Spain, Portugal, Poland, and other countries have been re-enacting Jewish cultural performances for tourists using non-Jewish actors, because their Jews were all murdered or driven into exile. 
Their motivation is to attract tourist money.  Tourism in Europe has suffered due to the increased crime and terror by migrant populations from Africa and the Middle east.
The following article attempts to indicate that Poland's fake Jewish performances come from nostalgia for the now almost extinct European Jews.  However, given the country's history of violent anti-Semitism, this is hard to believe. 
Poland and the rest of Europe benefited economically from the theft of Jewish property and the murder of millions of Jews.  When Holocaust survivors attempted to return to their homes in Poland they were met with threats and actual violence.  Poles did not hesitate to kill them in order to keep stolen property.  The attacks ranged from individual murders to all out pogroms.  To this day the government of Poland has resisted the return of Jewish property to their rightful owners and heirs.
Europe is still obsessed with the Jews.  Unable to destroy the Jews of Israel, they have contracted out the Arabs to do the dirty work.  That is why they support the Palestinian cause of driving Jews out of their ancient land of Israel under the subterfuge of "peace".  
Europe, particularly Germany, France, the UK, and Scandinavian countries, have for decades funded Arab terror in Israel, with their generous donations disguised as 'humanitarian aid'.  In fact, that money sustains not only actual terror against Jews but a Nazi-style campaign of Palestinian genocidal propaganda against Israel and the Jews.  The Palestinian Authority has spent millions over the years paying salaries to terrorists and their families - all with European and American tax payers' money.
One minute VIDEO
Why does Europe continue to fund anti-Jewish terrorism and those who encourage it?
Strangely, there is an element of poetic justice in the current European situation.  As indigenous European populations have ceased to reproduce in sustaining numbers and are shrinking rapidly, they are now being replaced by migrants from Africa and the Middle East.  Europe tried to destroy the Jews, only to begin its own demographic and cultural suicide in just a couple of generations. 
Europe murdered the talented and patriotic Jews, and it's now replacing them with underachieving and hateful migrant populations that will never embrace European culture, and who are ideologically motivated to destroy it in order to impose their own.   
So as you read the following wishful-thinking article by the Jerusalem Post (Jews want so desperately to be loved and appreciated) keep in mind that the European motivation in re-enacting Jewish cultural performances is less than pure.  It's all about attracting tourist money.
Polish Village holds Jewish Wedding without Jews
  Jewish Poland
The Jerusalem Post - To Jonny Daniels, founder of From the Depths, which promotes Holocaust commemoration in Poland, events like the one in Radzan√≥w are “some kind of therapy taking place all over the country.” 
Nostalgia for Jews is a well-documented phenomenon in Eastern Europe, with cultural and even substantial commercial aspects.

In Ukraine, so-called Jewish-themed restaurants with pork-heavy menus compete for tourists, while figurines of Jews are sold at markets as good luck charms. In Poland, graffiti reading “I miss you, Jew” have become a common sight.
Continue reading, watch VIDEO of this performance, and read about migrant 'cultural enrichment' in today's Europe

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ANIMAL ABUSERS SHOULD FACE TOUGHER PENALTIES says study - Most criminals convicted of violent offenses against people have a history of animal abuse

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  • The following article focuses on Britain, but it applies everywhere in the world. 
  • Britain has now a growing Muslim population, which has led to a spike in animal abuse.  The Koran itself determines that dogs are impure, and Muslim culture condones the abuse of dogs and other animals.  Halal butchering in itself is extremely cruel.
  • But sadistic treatment of animals is perpetrated by people of all races and religions.
  • This generation may be even more cruel, as kids' minds have been rewired by violent video games and videos of actual torture on the internet.
  • When the law treats cases of animal abuse leniently, it is ignoring the fact that most criminals convicted of murder, torture and rape have a history of animal abuse.  
THUGS who torture animals should face tougher penalties as many turn into rapists and killers, a new study reveals today.

By , UK Express
Britain should have a animal cruelty register similar to the sex offenders register so repeat offenders can be monitored, says a crime prevention think-tank.   Fresh research highlights the link between horrific animal abuse and violent crimes against humans - especially women and children.   A study by the Centre for Crime Prevention reveals more than 92 per cent of people found guilty of crimes against animals avoid prison.
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Sunday, August 6, 2017


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By Jay Syrmopoulos Activist Post

Detroit, MI – Nikita Smith filed a lawsuit against the Detroit Police Department after they killed her three dogs during a raid of her home in search of pot last year. On Wednesday, a judge absurdly ruled the dogs were considered “contraband,” noting that Smith had no legal basis to sue the police department for shooting and killing her dogs, due to the canines not having been properly licensed.
Subsequently, the federal civil rights lawsuit filed by Smith after a raid of her home by the Detroit police was dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge George Caram Steeh.
The search warrant for Smith’s residence came after police received a tip that marijuana was being sold out of the home. The raid, which killed her three dogs, netted a total of 25 grams of marijuana – not even an ounce. 
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Dry Bones cartoon,Israel, Medicine, terror, PLO, Erekat, Intifada, Palestinians, Arab,
Chief PLO negotiator Saeb Erekat, 62, suffers from pulmonary fibrosis, which is characterized by the development of scars in lung tissue which makes it difficult for them to function properly.  So far Erekat has been treated with drugs, but a few months ago drugs stopped being effective and his condition worsened dramatically.  Erekat began medical treatment in one of Israel's hospitals in the center of the country, but doctors made it clear to him that he had to undergo a lung transplant in order to survive. Since then, he has been on the waiting list. Erekat's Israeli doctors are optimistic about his chances of recovery if he undergoes a transplant.

Shmuel-David in the hospitalIn the meantime Palestinian stone throwers attacked a civilian bus full of children, sending at least one, a ten year old, to hospital with head injuries.    This is the daily reality of terror caused by a heavy indoctrination of genocidal hate by Palestinian educational institutions, clerical and political authorities, and media. 

The Israeli government has a policy of going easy on Arab firebombers and stone throwers out of fear of more Arab violence.  This policy of appeasement has never worked.  Arab culture respects only force.
Read more about the attack here:

Israel slanderer waits for Israeli lung transplant
'Those who choose to boycott the State of Israel should show some self-respect and boycott all the services of the State of Israel.'

Saeb ErekatAn application had been filed on behalf of Saeb Erekat, a senior PA official, for a lung transplant in Israel.
Saeb Erekat (right)  has waged a relentless war of vicious hate, slander, and an organized call for the boycott of Israel.  Today he waits for a Jewish lung to save his life.   The lung he will receive may very well belong to one of the soldiers he slandered in the past.
In the wake of Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, and the reserve soldiers battle in Jenin in which 13 IDF soldiers were killed, a false propaganda film by director Muhammad Bakri, entitled Jenin Jenin, was released. The film purports to provide prima facie evidence of war crimes committed by the IDF in Jenin which turned out to be wholly spurious, as was decided by the Central District Court.
Erekat took a large part in disseminating the blood libel embodied in the film, which portrayed the story as if a massacre took place in Jenin when noting of the sort occurred.

VIDEO - UK Colonel Richard Kemp talks about the Israeli Defense Forces
Continue reading about Jenin and other blood libels