A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Monday, October 16, 2017

CALIFORNIA WILDFIRE VIDEOS - Postman delivers mail to razed communities, man drives through flames, woman saves her dog - The looming dangers of apocalyptic catastrophes in the USA - See list of best PREPPER SITES

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Drone video captures USPS truck delivering mail to burned out communities in California.

Back in 1985 science fiction author David Brin published The Postman, a story of a post-apocalyptic United States where a survivor takes on the uniform and the role of a postman to bring back some hope for the restoration of social order in the country.  It was later made into a movie with Kevin Kostner. 
On this page watch eerie drone video of a postman delivering mail to California communities burnt to ashes  by wildfires.  It brings to mind that book, and also our silent fear of how close we are to natural and terror-caused disasters of continental proportions.  Here are some very likely scenarios:
  • The eruption of the Yellowstone mega volcano would render much of the United States into a disaster zone.   Agriculture, transportation, and much more would disappear for years to come.  Experts say this eruption could happen any day now.
  • sunA major solar flare hitting North America would cause an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would fry the power grid.  The USA would be unable to restore it for months, maybe years.  All electronics would be immediately inoperable.  Cars could not run since they have so many electronics.  No vehicles, no transportation, no food. 
  • A nuclear bomb detonated in the atmosphere above the USA would have the same result as a major solar flare:  an EMP that would paralyze the country and result in total social chaos.   IMPORTANT:  Without electric power to run their machinery, nuclear power plants go into meltdown, compounding the disaster.
One fact that needs to be stressed is that California AUTHORITIES DECIDED NOT TO ALERT THE POPULATION AS WILDFIRES APPROACHED residential areas.  By the time many people saw the flames, it was too late to escape, thus the many casualties - Sonoma County officials made land-line phone calls but did not use the wireless emergency alert for cellphones, like the Amber Alerts for missing children.   Officials claim that they did not want to issue broad evacuation alerts that would panic residents and snarl traffic, preventing access for emergency vehicles.
The following video is simple but powerful.  Don't miss it. 
DRONE VIDEO - USPS Postman Delivers Mail to Santa Rosa burned homes  - By Douglas Thron

More videos by Douglas Thron
WATCH MORE VIDEOS of man driving through fire, of woman who cycles to safety carrying her 70 pound dog in a duffel bag on her back, and another drone video by Douglas Thron, and see links to 50 best SURVIVAL BLOGS

Saturday, October 14, 2017

CALIFORNIA DEADLY WILDFIRES AND THE HEROIC FIREFIGHTERS - ALL MEN - We're still waiting for feminists to demand an equal share of these jobs

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  • Some thoughts in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein's scandal, where this powerful movie producer preyed on starlets eager for an opportunity in the business. (Photo:  Weinstein at a typical Hollywood party.)
  • There is no doubt that some powerful men sometimes victimize people around them, both men and women.  
  • But beyond Hollywood and the big corporations, there is the world that you and I are more familiar with.
  • Women in the workplace flirt with men.  This is often done in a good-natured way, but sometimes as a means to obtain favorable treatment.  It's not that most women want to go beyond the flirting, but they do it.   
  • It's no surprising then that male co-workers will take flirting as a signal, and they may act in inappropriate ways.   Unfortunately some men are too stupid to stop when rebuffed, and then the situation escalates and gets toxic.
  • Often women are completely innocent of attracting unwanted attention.  But that's not always the case.
  • In a few instances women encourage inappropriate attention from key executives, and when men respond, the targeted woman launches a sexual harassment lawsuit that gets settled to their financial advantage.  An easy way to make thousands of dollars.
  • This reminds us of another ploy meant to harm men.  A young woman gets affectionate with her date, a university student, for example, drinks a lot, ends up in the bedroom, and then claims to have been raped.  It's her word against his, so he gets expelled from school, and maybe even goes to jail. A life is ruined. 
  • Women are outraged by the Weinstein scandal and are loudly denouncing what they call men's culture of sexual harassment.  It's the new moral crusade. 
  • Those same women, however, are most likely fierce defenders of abortion, including the one done in the last weeks of pregnancy, where an innocent baby is cut to pieces in the womb.  No moral outrage about that.  
  • There is also media silence about the epidemic of physical and mental abuse of men by women. 
  • Scientific American just posted the following article about women harassing and raping men.  The magazine was unaware of the looming Hollywood scandal, so it offers interesting statistics of another side of the problem.
  • We should keep in mind that the statistics of female-to-male sexual and violent abuse most likely do not reflect the true extent of this crime, since men are too ashamed to report these situations to authorities.  
Scene from the film DISCLOSURE with Michael Douglas and Demi Moore.  Here the female boss is the sexual predator, and the man employee her unwilling prey.
Sexual Victimization of Men by Women Is More Common Than Previously Known
A new study gives a portrait of female perpetrators
  • The results were surprising. For example, the CDC’s nationally representative data revealed that over one year, men and women were equally likely to experience nonconsensual sex, and most male victims reported female perpetrators.
  • We also pooled four years of the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) data and found that 35 percent of male victims who experienced rape or sexual assault reported at least one female perpetrator.

Scientific American, October 10, 2017 
Ilan H. Meyer is a Williams Distinguished Senior Scholar for Public Policy at the Williams Institute for Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA School of Law.

Take a moment and picture an image of a rapist. Without a doubt, you are thinking about a man. Given our pervasive cultural understanding that perpetrators of sexual violence are nearly always men, this makes sense.
But this assumption belies the reality, revealed in our study of large-scale federal agency surveys, that women are also often perpetrators of sexual victimization.
In 2014, we published a study on the sexual victimization of men, finding that men were much more likely to be victims of sexual abuse than was thought.
To understand who was committing the abuse, we next analyzed four surveys conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to glean an overall picture of how frequently women were committing sexual victimization.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

THE HIGHLY PROFITABLE ANTI-HATE "SPLC" THAT FALSELY ACCUSES INNOCENT CONSERVATIVES OF HATE, and reaps tons of donations from guilty whites - The Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, is swimming in cash and stashing millions of dollars overseas

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Dorothy Haymer of Yazoo City, at podium, Indigo Williams, left and Precious Hughes, right. both of Jackson, explains the reasons as African-American mothers of children in public elementary schools, they are plaintiffs in a Mississippi education lawsuit filed on her behalf, by the Southern Poverty Law Center, SPLC, Tuesday, May 23, 2017, in Jackson, Miss. Mississippi is denying good schools to African American students and violating the federal law that enabled the state to rejoin the union after the Civil War, the Southern Poverty Law Center alleged Tuesday in a lawsuit trying to strengthen constitutional protections for education. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)
  • Political groups have learned how to market themselves by deceitfully using product advertising formulas.  Marketers can label something "natural," or "light," or "proven effective," without having to define or give evidence for any of those claims.    
  • Lately there have been several political and activist groups that have appropriated harmless, or positive, or popular words to  cover their true nefarious agendas.   Here are some examples:   
  • ANTI-FA groups in Europe and the United States claim to be against fascism, but their violent tactics against opponents at public demonstrations and against free speech everywhere, particularly in college campuses, use 1930s brutal fascist tactics themselves.   
  • LEFTIST JEWS, whose only link to Judaism is often their surname (being the product of mixed marriages), follow the leftist doctrine, their true religion, and hate Israel.    Leftist Jews create "Jewish" organizations to sell a fraudulent product that claims to be Jewish but it's in fact strongly anti-Israel. 
  • J STREET was allegedly founded to speak for average American Jews.  However its true goal is to undermine Israel.  It has a pro-Palestinian agenda and Muslim donors.  Its top echelon includes militant Muslims.   
  • The Center for Jewish History, Peace Now (in Israel), and many other Jewish organizations wave the flag of Jewishness for the sake of credibility, but are staffed by strongly anti-Israel, and often downright anti-Semitic individuals.    Talk about deceitful advertising .... 
  • BLACK LIVES MATTER (such a valid sentence, who could disagree with it) is actually a black supremacist and discriminatory group, prone to use violence to advance its goals.   
  • SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, or SPLC, is under scrutiny.  Its innocuous name hides a dangerous and hateful agenda.  Their marketing is so effective that celebrities such as George Clooney, and big corporations such as Apple, are flooding it with cash - for what they think is a good cause:  fighting anti-black hate.   
  • What donors don't realize is that the spreading of anti-white hate and anti-white culture, has become profitable in America, as long as it is cleverly marketed as something else. 
VIDEO: Southern Poverty Law Center - The "Anti-Hate" Group That Is a Hate Group - By Prager University
Watch more interesting videos by Prager University
Breitbart News:  The “Poverty” Law Center was hardly in dire straights before corporate America decided to throw their lot in with them. Last year, the Birmingham, AL, group was reputed to have an endowment larger than $300 million. According to tax documents examined by the Washington Free Beacon, the SPLC has stashed millions of that in offshore accounts while paying some of its executives salaries in excess of $300,000. All officers, directors, trustees, and “key employees” are reportedly making six-figures.
What the Southern Poverty Law Center appears to peddle the most these days is hate against anyone who does not agree with their agenda, labeling perfectly mainstream intellectuals as haters, fascists, racists, white supremacists, and more.  Their targets are not the KKK but college professors, politicians, journalists.  The SPLC has created a map of hate groups that is outright misleading.  There you go, marketing is everything ....
Breitbart News:  Even the mainstream media began to look more critically on the SPLC’s “research” as the group pulled stunts like listing Harvard social scientist Charles Murray as a “white nationalist” and ex-Muslim civil rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali as an “extremist.” Even the SPLC itself admitted it went too far in calling Dr. Ben Carson a hater. But, as the narrative of an out-of-control violent “white supremacist” movement sweeping the country pulsed through the media, the SPLC, whose reputation has been on the ropes for years, suddenly swung back into the mainstream press’s good graces.
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

CAUGHT IN CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES - The USA has technology to talk to astronauts in space, but nothing to send timely warning of approaching wildfire to helpless communities

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  • Some coastal communities in the Canadian west coast that are vulnerable to tsunamis have set up a rather low-tech means of alerting the population of an impending tidal wave:  a siren. 
  • The United States has the most sophisticated means of communication in the world, and yet people living in areas prone to wildfires go to sleep at night not knowing whether they will awake when it's too late and the fire is at their door.
  • That is what happened to a large number of people in California, caught completely unawares as rapidly moving wildfires engulfed their homes and their lives. 
  • At the time of posting this article the number of fatalities is 23 but it's expected to rise dramatically.  The number of unaccounted for is in the hundreds.  Thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes.  An additional heartbreak is the number of animals that panicked people left behind to burn and die.   
  • We can never be fully prepared for all eventualities.  There were instances when people fleeing in their vehicles found that one escape route after another was blocked by fire.  
  • What makes the following images so eerie is the fairy tale nature of many of those luxurious homes, once a dream come true for families and retirees.  The horror of this fire is how it is now devouring those beautiful dreams, sometimes along with the people who built them.    
Anaheim Hills was among the worst affected areas on Monday, with Santa Rosa also suffering heavy damage
A family home in Fountaingrove, California, is consumed by fire on Monday night

The smoke from an Anaheim Hills brush fire turned the sky into a pumpkin orange. It is seen above Disneyland's California Adventure park
The incongruent contrast of Disneyland - the Happiest Place on Earth - and the ominous orange and smoky sky of out-of-control wildfires in nearby areas.

Do you recognize this adorable, albeit slightly charred face?  The photo, which was posted to Facebook on Oct. 9 by the Sonoma Humane Society, has gone viral with over 11,650 shares to date. A message about the cat, lost during the North Bay fires, indicates the sweet survivor with the singed whiskers was found underneath a car. He is microchipped and in the Humane Society’s care until an owner comes forward.


Breitbart News:  As the situation worsens ... Criticism is beginning to boil that local safety officials gave no warning of the coming fires, resulting in panicked residents who smelled the smoke and realized that flames were approaching. Sonoma County officials made land-line phone calls but did not use the wireless emergency alert for cellphones, like the Amber Alerts for missing children.   Officials claim that they did not want to issue broad evacuation alerts that would panic residents and snarl traffic, preventing access for emergency vehicles.

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Sunday, October 8, 2017


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Plenty of puppy love to go round
Within hours of the massacre 17 therapy dogs and their handlers were getting ready for their trip to Las Vegas.  The group was coordinated by Lutheran Churches Charities, LCC.  There were deployed to help victims of the Las Vegas shooting in a therapeutic capacity. The lovable mutts have been visiting survivors such as the ones in Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center.
Tim Hetzner, founder of the K-9 Comfort Dog Ministries told ABC news, "the great thing about the dogs, they're unconditional, confidential and safe."   He also told ABC that the dogs themselves are sensitive to people's emotional needs. "Dogs have an incredible sense of when somebody is hurting," he said, "they'll just come and lay themselves into somebody's lap."

See more pictures of these loving animals visiting survivors

FEMINISM and the liberal elites - NOT PLAYBOY AND HUGH HEFNER - mostly to blame for the tragic resuls of the sexual revolution - The rate of STDs is skyrocketing - The current WAR ON MASCULINITY - Sex education's destruction of children's innocence and morals, and its damage of their mental health

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With the recent passing of Hugh Hefner, Playboy's creator, some media has blamed him for the depredations of the sexual revolution.  This is unfair. 

The true source of the sexual revolution and its trail of misery is women's liberation, which believes that women have the same right to sexual promiscuity as men - completely ignoring the fundamental differences in biology, psychology, and historical social roles in both sexes.  And then the Pill made it all possible.  
While Hefner profited from a male population eager to escape into his Playboy fantasy world, the real social catastrophe was unleashed by women's lib.  Women's lib not only changed the relationship between men, women, and the family, but women's political ideology and voting patterns have resulted in irreversible changes to society with welfare states gone mad.   
Women vote for political parties that render the need for a husband's financial and parental contribution obsolete.  Women can have babies out of wedlock, or divorce their husbands, and then count on the government to support them and their kids.  As the state replaces husbands, a shocking number of children grow without a father.  
Feminism does not stop there.  It has been waging a vicious war against men and masculinity.  Boys sense this negativity in their female teachers, their mothers, and the liberal media and entertainment.  Men are criticized, ridiculed, and even demonized.  "Down with the patriarchy" - whatever that means.
Feminists see boys as defective girls.  They are too active, too curious, too heroic, eager for power, playing fantasies of conquerors and superheroes - all of that being denounced by women and the leftist media as "toxic masculinity".  What women want is feminized males and masculinized females, and that's the depraved and abusive way they are raising their kids.   
The new generation is growing confused about their gender, even in kids as young as five or six, who are repeatedly encouraged to believe that they can be "anything they want" - not meaning doctors and astronauts, but of any sex they choose, while throwing the science of biology into the trash.
Many men in their twenties and thirties are still with their parents, playing video games and watching porn because (1) they are scared to death of women's meanness and aggressiveness, and (2)  they have no jobs due to increased participation of women in the work force, and the mass arrival of migrants from the third world.

Schools are indoctrinating children as young as six into sex-ed that includes depraved sexual practices that previous generations did not learn about until they were teenagers or adults.   These kids' minds and morals are being damaged, and their innocence destroyed - all in the name of 'inclusivity,' and tolerance of diversity.  
The following article is one of several that blame Hugh Hefner for the sexual revolution's trail of social and individual tragedy.  This blame on Hefner is exaggerated, but the information presented here is factual, as it focuses, among other items, on the growing number of people infected with STDs.

Romance, as it was presented in movies in the 50s and 60s, is dead.  Over.  When you meet the beautiful prince or princess of your dreams he or she is quite likely to be carrying at least one type of STD.  If not, the high incidence of adultery will make you worry about what infection your unfaithful spouse may be smuggling into your bed.  
A few samples of what women's lib and the sexual revolution have brought into our society:  
  • One third of the US population suffers from a sexually transmitted disease.  That's 110 million Americans.
  • Men who engage in homosexual activity are 100 times more likely to contract anal cancer than HIV-negative men “who exclusively have sex with women.”
  • Females who engage in anal sex - an activity now endorsed and encouraged by media such as Teen Vogue - are suffering from incontinence, due to damage to their colon.

By Trevor Grant Thomas, The American Thinker
A timely and stunning statistic befitting the recent death of America’s patriarch of pornography: a shocking 110 million Americans—over one-third of our population—are saddled with a sexually transmitted disease. According to The New York Times,
The incidence of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis is increasing, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. An estimated 110 million Americans now are infected with a sexually transmitted disease
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Saturday, October 7, 2017

FRANCE IS AT WAR WITH ISLAM AT HOME - There are many more victims of Islam in France itself than in French military participation in other wars abroad

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VIDEO - "France is no longer France"
Refugee crisis in EU 

  • Within minutes of today's ramming of pedestrians by a young black man in London, police were quick to state that it had been a traffic accident and not an act of terror.   Witnesses, however, said the act had been deliberate.  
  • This follows several other European instances where obvious terrorist attacks are ascribed to "mental illness" or  rage, but not  terrorism.  
  • By blaming other reasons authorities try to deflect attention away from Islam.
  • Also, by not defining those acts as Islamic terror they can manipulate police statistics.  Terror attacks will appear to be fewer, and so the media can discredit public fear as "irrational".  
  • In Germany, Sweden, and other western European countries, police have been ordered to hide statistics of migrant crime.  Those governments also strongly warn the media against reporting about them.   
  • These police and media coverups are meant to prevent negative perceptions of Islam and migrants in general.  
  • Social media and public speech  are closely monitored.  Anyone saying anything critical of Islam or against unfettered mass migration into Europe can be charged with a hate crime and be incarcerated.
  • But the government and the media can't hide reality.  European cities now have dangerous No-Go Zones, and entire countries are vulnerable to terror, not just the big cities  
  • The army has been called to reinforce police protection of sites regarded as likely targets for terrorism. 
  • And locals are learning how to take precautions to avoid getting mugged, stabbed, decapitated, run over, or raped. 
  • So no matter how the crime statistics are manipulated, and how the media censors politically incorrect news, this is the new reality in cities that were once centers of European culture, tourism, and the enjoyment of life. 
  • There has been a growing exodus of European Jews, who are now the top target for Muslim hate, threats, violence, and murder.  Thousands of Jews, particularly young families, have emigrated to Israel. 
  • The following column by Daniel Greenfield outlines the reality of today's France.  By any definition, like other countries in the West, it is in a state of war with Islamic terror.  
  • What the author does not mention is that security measures offer ever diminishing results because the migrant population is growing exponentially, while there are only limited resources for police, army, and intelligence agencies.  In short:  governments are OVERWHELMED.
  • What is highly ironic, if not outright insane, is that unlike past instances of war, governments are now protecting the enemy against public criticism, and inviting millions of them to settle in at taxpayers' expense. 
  • More irony:  Spanish police were recently ordered to beat up and brutalize peaceful men and women of all ages in Catalonia for daring to vote in a referendum for independence.   Photo shows Spanish police attacking  an elderly lady voter.  Many aged voters were left bruised and bleeding.
  • At the same time Spain and other EU countries are practically surrendering national sovereignty over entire neighborhoods, which are now ruled by Muslim clerics and criminal gangs according to Sharia law.  Europe says No to secessionist movements by indigenous Europeans, but Yes to the Muslim colonization of Europe.
France's War with Islamic Terror

Afghanistan is now safer than Paris


By Daniel Greenfield,  Frontpage Magazine
The issue once again is colonialism. But the new colonists are Algerians, Tunisians and other Islamic imperialists who have settled in France and wave the black flag of the Jihad over their no-go zone settlements in French cities. And they have made it abundantly clear that they will not stop there.
France is in the middle of a civil war. The civil war is based on religious differences. As the religious divide between the Islamic colonists and the militantly secular French government increases, the violence will worsen.

Interior Minister Gerard Collomb made it official. France is “in a state of war”.
It’s not just rhetoric. Bombs turn up in a posh Parisian suburb. Two young women are butchered at a train station. And it’s just another week of an Islamic World War III being fought in France.
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Friday, October 6, 2017

THE INTRIGUING CATS OF EUROPE - Take a break from the news of the day by looking at these beautiful cats

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There have been so many mass tragedies in the last few months that it's beginning to look like the new normal as an angry nature and angry humans leave carnage and devastation behind.
At least there is a cure for the emotional fatigue we feel, and it's called PETS.  I'm sure many of you have sought solace in the quiet and soothing company of  your cat or dog.   If you don't have one, just looking at these adorable cats will have a positive effect on you.
Photographer Ana Cagic captured these images while travelling in Greece, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, and Turkey.   

See more photos of cats

Thursday, October 5, 2017


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Dolphins become mesmerized by two squirrels at Sea World
An adorable video shows the moment four dolphins were completely mesmerized by two squirrels at Sea World. A Sea World employee was on break and taking a walk through the park when she passed by the dolphin nursery. 'They are normally very playful and interactive and a couple came by to say hello,' the park worker said. But in the sweet video, the two squirrels came over and appeared to be looking for food outside of the dolphin's nursery. The dolphins quickly became amazed at the two squirrels and followed their every move.

See more pictures and watch video

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

PUERTO RICO TRUCK DRIVERS ARE ON STRIKE AND REFUSE TO DELIVER RELIEF SUPPLIES - Thousands of containers with life-saving supplies still sit on the docks in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria - while opportunistic media and Democrats blame Trump

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UPDATE October 4: 
San Juan 'booming' while rest of Puerto Rico's in darkness
Hurricane-scarred Puerto Rico has become a tale of two islands - with malls, restaurants cinemas and even a stirp club reopening in the capital while the starving poor huddle in darkness just a few miles away. The city's trendy Plaza Las Américas mall is once again a hive of activity, with residents flocking to Cheesecake Factory, Mr Pretzels and Starbucks to sip espresso and stream TV on high speed WiFi. Travel beyond the city limits however and the semblance of normality quickly fades to desperation and misery. The disparity is shockingly evident in Loiza, a coastal city to the east of San Juan and one of the island's most impoverished communities.

An Alliance Made in Heaven:  The leftist mayor of San Juan and CNN - The mayor blames the Federal Government - that is, TRUMP - for failure to distribute aid already on the island! - Trump responded that the mayor wanted the government to do everything for them.
Houston, TexasVolunteer men organized a flotilla to save thousands of people stranded by hurricane floods.
Puerto Rico:  Truck drivers go on strike demanding higher pay and refuse to distribute life-saving supplies to starving victims of hurricane.  Self-organizing relief efforts almost non-existent.
Puerto Rico is a textbook case of what can happen when an area is so ravaged by disaster that there is not even the most basic infrastructure to distribute help to those who need it.  Seaports and airports mostly destroyed, roads covered in debris, and cellphone communication impossible.
And as people run out of food, water, and fuel, and hospitals are barely function or not at all due to the lack of fuel to run generators, THOUSANDS of containers full of supplies have been sitting on the docks since the hurricane because unionized drivers on strike refuse to transport them.

Why are thousands of containers still sitting there?  Because Puerto Rican drivers are on strike.
As the infrastructure is getting patched up a dirty little secret the mainstream media won't tell you is that Puerto Rico unionized drivers are demanding higher pay and on strike since before Hurricane Maria struck the island.  Now they expect to profit from a desperate situation.  The governor issued a public plea asking them to deliver aid sitting in the docks, but there was no response. 
Gas stations selling fuel are being looted.
Police too are conspicuous by their absence.  With numerous bands of looters roaming the island, it is dangerous to drive any sort of vehicle full of goods without police or military protection.  
Gas stations that had been provisioned are being looted by criminals. 
In the meantime the left-wing mayor of San Juan has been ranting hysterically on CNN and blaming the federal government for Puerto Ricans starving and dying.
VIDEO - Dishonest media call Hurricane Maria "Trump's Katrina"  
More Rebel Media Videos

MEDIA and Democrats WEAPONIZED Puerto Rico's tragedy against TRUMP

The mainstream media, particularly CNN, along with Democrat politicians, have WEAPONIZED the Puerto Rican disaster.   They tried to do the same thing in Texas and Florida, but they failed due to effective Federal response to the disasters. 
So the media are using Puerto Rico.  They did this by hiding the sad truth about this island:  it is culturally different from the mainland, and so thousands of containers with food, water, and life-saving medicine are still sitting at the docks, because Puerto Rican drivers are on strike, and able bodied men have failed to organize themselves.  
Los oficiales de infantería, por su parte, serán asignados al patrullaje preventivo y a las escoltas de combustible, agua y comida. (horizontal-x3)
A few National Guard patrol the streets

Police have disappeared.  Looters have been busy operating since the hurricane moved on.  Now the local government has resorted to a few National Guard to keep order.  
That is the reality.  Lack of distribution is not Trump's fault, or alleged racism, or neglect.  The Federal government has done enough, but it cannot do everything.   
VIDEO - The Ugly Truth About Puerto Rico Wanting U.S. Statehood - By Stefan Molyneux
More Videos by Stefan Molyneux
Puerto Rico was a dysfunctional society long before it was hit by hurricanes.
  • Island political leaders have been demanding USA statehood;
  • No call for independence because that would entail taking responsibility for their debts and other shortcomings.
  • They want statehood not because they love the USA, but to obtain bankruptcy protection. 
  • Puerto Rico has $49 BILLION in pension liabilities on top of other debts to a grand total of $129 BILLION
  • It receives over $20 BILLION in aid a year.
  • Its domestic product is $100 billion.
  • Half of the Puerto Rican population is on public assistance.
  • Those holding jobs work mostly for the government.
  • The unemployment rate is 14%.
  • There are ONE THOUSAND murders a year.
  • Many of those murders are related to the growing illicit drug trade.
  • Organized crime corrupts the political system at all levels.
  • Puerto Rico is tops in public corruption cases.
  • School tests score show students performing below basics in math and reading.
  • The average state of health is poor, with too many suffering from diabetes and assorted disabilities.
  • One in three Puerto Ricans claim some kind of disability
  • However there is a high level of fraud in disability diagnosis because of corruption in the medical system.
  • Lack of English language skills qualifies as a disability in Puerto Rico.
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