A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

A universe of beauty, mystery and wonder

Thursday, October 20, 2016

EUROPEAN LEADER WARNS AMERICA NOT TO VOTE FOR GLOBALIST, OPEN-BORDERS HILLARY CLINTON - VIDEO - How open borders multiculturalism brought violence, terror, and fear into Europe, and the same looms for America with Hillary as president

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  • The Trump campaign has been pointing to media lack of coverage of Democrat corruption, but Donald Trump missed the opportunity to elaborate about recently exposed Democrat scandals to an audience of tens of millions on his third debate with Clinton. 
  • He only mentioned in passing Democrats' vote fraud activities going back years, and their organized violence against Trump supporters at rallies just exposed by James O'Keefe, and a few of the many scandals exposed by Wikileaks
  • TV viewers not familiar with the James O'Keefe's alarming undercover videos of Democrat operatives boasting about their illegal activities would not have known what he was referring to.   Watch undercover videos and read more HERE
  • Trump has not had enough time to polish his skills as a politician, and it shows.  But his intentions are good and honest.   He is the best choice between the two candidates. 
  • The worst we can expect from Trump is a failure to fulfill his agenda.  He will be confronting a vicious media, Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans in Congress, and shadowy and powerful characters such as George Soros, malevolently undermining his presidency.  Quite a daunting prospect.   
  • If Hillary gets elected, however, you can kiss the USA as you know it good bye. 
  • She will welcome millions of Muslims and other migrants from all over the world in order to IRREVERSIBLY change the demographics and the culture of the country.   She wants to reduce Republicans to an insignificant minority and to turn the USA into a One Party State. 
  • She will also fill the Supreme Court with judges who will erode some of the most basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

  • If you ever visited Europe twenty years ago, it was still a rather attractive, romantic, and safe place to enjoy.  Not anymore.  Crime is rampant, including the Muslim gang rape of girls and children, expanding No-Go Zones, and the growing threat of jihadi terror.
  • Some European neighborhoods - and even entire towns - are unrecognizable and look more like Africa and the Middle East than Europe. 
  • Schools are war zones, and white kids and teachers are victims of daily violence by students of non-European background.   Educational levels have taken a plunge.
  • European Jews are fleeing for their lives from Muslim anti-Semitic violence and thousands are emigrating to Israel.
  • In short, the once beautiful and sophisticated Europe is gradually morphing into a patchwork of violent Muslim enclaves, and terrifying violence everywhere.
  • Watch short video as a Brussels political leader MischaĆ«l Modrikamen, president of the People Party of Belgium, gives a warning to America:
VIDEO - A Warning from BRUSSELS
To American Voters


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AN OMEN FOR AMERICA? HILLARY'S CAMPAIGN BUS DELIBERATELY DUMPS RAW SEWAGE ON ATLANTA STREET - Fearful authorities won't file any charges - Firemen had to clean it up - Democrats said it was a mistake and they were sorry.

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DEMOCRATS ARE SORRY.  JUST A MISTAKE.  The Democratic National Committee has apologized after one of its campaign buses was caught dumping raw sewage along a road outside Atlanta. 
The Democrat campaign workers said they did not know this was illegal.  They may have been disposing of their sewage this way for months.
Firefighters had to clean up the mess.  There won't be any charges filed against Hillary's people.
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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

UNDERCOVER VIDEOS CONFIRM DEMOCRATS VOTER FRAUD going back decades - JAMES O'KEEFE Veritas videos uncover secret conspiracy - Also watch video of NEWT GINGRICH as he denounces media participation in election rigging

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Wikileaks Hillary Corruptions

Until now you may have thought that this happened only in other countries:  massive voting fraud, violent intimidation of opponents, media and politicians in cahoots - often bought and paid for by their puppet masters in the financial elite and by foreign governments.  But such corruption is happening in the United States of America.  The still unanswered question is how it was allowed to get this far.
Being partners in crime, politicians and the media have been deflecting charges of election rigging and corruption at the center of the Clinton campaign.  However, a handful of researchers and whistleblowers are risking their lives to expose these crimes and scandals.  James O'Keefe with his Project Veritas is one of them.  Only by informing yourself, you  can make a rational choice in this crucial presidential election.    
On this page:
  • James O'Keefe
    Undercover videos by James O'Keefe (photo) of Project Veritas  that have already cost the jobs of two Democrat operatives.   
  • One of Veritas undercover videos (#2) pertains Democrat operative's admission of organized voting fraud.  
  • The other undercover video (#1) exposes Democrat operatives' deliberate incitement to violence against Trump supporters.
  • Since the Veritas audio is a bit muffled due to the nature of the recording, see transcripts of the shocking disclosures by Democrat operatives. 
  • Watch video interview with Newt Gingrich denouncing the media active collaboration in the plot to destroy Trump and his candidacy. 
  • See list of websites that are actually covering ISSUES on this election, and exposing the long-hidden Democrat and Clinton crimes and scandals.
  • See links to the latest cases of localized voter fraud, some of which have resulted in official investigations. 
  • Please keep in mind that many states do NOT require ID card to vote.  People can vote as many times as they want, and even use the names of people who are now deceased.  Democrats are notorious for busing large numbers of people, often non-citizens, from voting station to voting station.  See this practice confirmed by insider on video #2.

Breitbart News - This video in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas investigation of the 2016 election reveals what O’Keefe describes as “Democratic Party operatives telling us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.”
Rigging the Election -
Video II: Mass Voter Fraud
VIDEO #I  - Democrats have used trained provocateurs to instigate violence at Republican events nationwide throughout the 2016 election cycle, including at several Donald Trump rallies, using a tactic called “bird-dogging,” according to a new video investigation released Monday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.
Rigging the Election -
Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Continue reading and see Breitbart's articles with partial transcripts of these videos, plus Newt Gigrich's video and other election-fraud-related articles and links.

Monday, October 17, 2016

DR MICHAEL GOOD, THE HERO VET WHO HAS SAVED 15,000 PUPPIES AND CATS ON DEATH ROW in southern US shelters, and went broke because of his 'UNDERHOUND RAILROAD' rescue program - VIDEO

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Dr. Michael Good buys unwanted puppies and cats on death row in southern states and transports them to northern states, such as New York and Connecticut, where they have a good chance to be adopted. 
Animals dumped in US southern states' shelters routinely end up being euthanized because there is very little public interest in adopting them.   

Dr. Michael Good of The Homeless Pets Foundation in Marietta, Georgia has made it his life’s mission to rescue over 15,000 forgotten animals with his “Underhound Railroad,” and he’s just getting started.
More dogs were coming into Dr. Good’s shelter than going out, so he created the Underhound Railroad to help dogs in the south who are about to be put down find loving homes in the northeast.
“The dogs that get on my Underhound Railroad come from puppy mills, dog fighting, I find them driving home down the street and we take them,” says Dr. Good. “This is the solution right now because so many dogs can be helped quickly.”

If you are interested in helping Dr. Good continue his rescue work, visit his website. 
As a thank you, and to help Dr. Good with expenses, Rachael’s Rescue gifted him with $25,000! His reaction? Priceless! Check out the video to see it. 
Dr. Michael Good's website

Saturday, October 15, 2016

HILARIOUS COMEDY WILDLIFE AWARD FINALISTS 2016 - Cute and funny, animals are the best comedians

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After receiving more than 2,200 entries, the judges have whittled the photographs down to a shortlist of just 40 who are gunning for gongs in seven categories. Here are some of the best.  Enjoy! 
All smiles: A frog appears to have a big smile for the camera as a photographer in Russia picked the perfect moment
All smiles: A frog appears to have a big smile for the camera as a photographer in Russia picked the perfect moment

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Friday, October 14, 2016

MESSAGE TO AMERICANS: STOP TALKING ABOUT TRUMP'S SEX LIFE AND LOOK AT WHAT'S COMING TO YOU - VIDEO on what 's really at stake - HILLARY'S GRAND PLAN for the DISSOLUTION OF AMERICA by abolishing its borders and welcoming a flood of hostile migrants

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NORMALCY BIAS is a mental state people enter when facing a disaster.  It causes people to underestimate both the possibility of a disaster and its possible effects.  The assumption is that since a disaster has never occurred, it never will occur.  It manifests itself as inability to react to something that hasn't been experienced before.  People also tend to interpret warnings in the most optimistic way possible, seizing on any ambiguities to infer a less serious situation.
Lawyer and journalist Ezra Levant of The Rebel Media has a warning for us.

Watch his VIDEO:

It starts with something local and personal, but then it presents the issue that globalists and their puppets in the media don't want American voters to know or think about. 
Mr Levant is soft spoken but brilliant, and his message is extremely relevant to Americans, as they face a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.    Trump is for a moratorium on Muslim immigration into the USA.  Clinton is for open borders, and unlimited Muslim migration into the country.  
Canadian liberal Jews who advocate for Muslim refugees don't want to admit that those same Syrians they so generously sponsor to settle in Canada may one day harass, assault, and even kill Jews - as they have been doing in France and other European countries.     Jihadis are just good Muslims who follow the Koran and Hadith texts to the letter.  Those texts, representing Allah's will, denigrate Jews as being vile creatures descendants of apes and pigs that need to be exterminated.   
In the United States the desperate Clinton campaign, very astutely, has decided to turn its entire focus on Trump's sex life.  That's all that the media, as shameless Clinton promoters, talk about all the time. 
As you will realize - perhaps too late - is that it's all smoke and mirrors aimed at hiding the most important issue for Americans today.  
  • It is not the economy, although there are some serious problems that need immediate attention.   The country could recover from four or eight years of Democrat mismanagement.   
  • It's not Obamacare, although the system is falling apart.   
  • It's not foreign policy.  Both Republican and Democrat foreign policies have been disastrous, but the US can still blunder along for a few more years.  
  • Yes, it is about the Supreme Court. Hillary would fill vacancies with globalists who would weaken the Constitution and the right to bear arms.  However...
  • THE REAL PROBLEM is untrammeled Muslim immigration, because once you significantly alter the demographics and culture of a country, YOU CAN'T FIX IT ANYMORE.  What the country loses, it's irretrievably lost forever. 
If you don't believe it, just take a look at Europe.  No need to go there, just visit any of the hundreds of websites warning Americans, "don't do what we have done, save your country" (see list on this page).

 Read more by Prof. Bill Warner on these genocides -
Ezra Levant reminds us of powerful past civilizations that thought they would last forever.   War, economic decay, and in many cases Muslim invasions put an end to them.  Let's pay heed to what history teaches us.  Sometimes the signs of impending disaster are quite clear ahead of time.  But 'normalcy bias' won't let us take preventive measures, or simply get out in time.

This was Paris once. 
The city of light, of beauty, of culture, and romance.
This is Paris now.   A hell hole in the making.  Tourist sites are heavily guarded by soldiers and police.  The Paris we dreamed about as youngsters is gone.  Forever.  Some day, in a few decades, churches will be turned into mosques, and works of art will be destroyed as offensive to the Muslim majority.
VIDEO - Paris welcomes unending Muslim migration.  These are the streets now of the once beautiful city.
LONDON HAS FALLEN - The UK Labour Party under corrupt Tony Blair who wanted to expand his party's voting base - opened the gates to millions of Muslim migrants from Asia and Africa, and today London is no longer an European city.  It has a non-white majority, dangerous No-Go Zones, and rising crime and terrorism.  
Indigenous Britons have fled to other parts of the country, or out of Britain altogether.  London has fallen.   It has been conquered.  It has a Muslim mayor of Pakistani descent with connections to extreme Islamists.  Sharia law is being legitimized by the country's authorities.  England has been invaded and conquered by a backward seventh century ideology born in the Arabian desert. 
Sweden has already self-destroyed, with an unmanageable population of supremacist Muslims raping women and children, and living on the dole. 
Germany's Angela Merkel, against all common sense, decided to adopt Sweden's model of unlimited Muslim immigration, and thus planted the seeds of future ethnic strife. 
Germans are not as sweet natured as the Swedes, and we can already see signs of rising German disgust at widespread cases of Muslim organized crime, gang rapes, and recurrent incidents of terror and savagery.  There have been violent clashes between German vigilantes and Muslims, and there are bound to be more.  

Opposition to the Islamization of Europe is not necessarily a sign of racism, but one of basic survival.  Demographics dictate that Muslims will eventually become a majority in Germany and in other European countries where indigenous Europeans are not having enough babies to replace themselves. 

Unless something drastic takes place, the slowness of the opposition to organize itself almost guarantees that the Islamization of Europe is irreversible.  There are already over 54 million Muslims in the continent, including those in the mostly Muslim countries of Albania, Kosovo, and other regions of the Balkans.
Under Obama the US Muslim population has soared. Some have come as migrants or asylum seekers, some as students who overstay their visas and then get amnesty, and some infiltrate the country through the southern border, often with drug cartels' assistance. 
There is no way to ascertain their true identity because these days any Muslim can buy a false passport in the Middle East and in Europe. 

Jihadists are already here.  ISIS is well established in the US - and the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated US government agencies for some time, taking advantage of the White House's partiality towards that group.  Hillary Clinton's inseparable friend and advisor Huma Abedin comes from a Muslim Brotherhood family.  In addition there are numerous jihadi camps all over the country.     

According to the FBI, there are at least 22 Islamic paramilitary communes in the USThese communes are operated by the Pakistan-based group Jamaat al-Fuqra and its main US front group, Muslims of the Americas.  (Western Journalism)   Why hasn't Homeland Security dealt with them already?  Ask Obama.  
There is little interest in Muslim migrant's qualifications for a productive life.  Many of them are illiterate in their own language, and have only a few years of primary education, at best. 
And there is absolutely no government interest in finding out what they think about America, its values, and whether they intend to integrate or to wage jihad.  Asking them such questions would be regarded as racist.
Please watch Ezra Levant's video, as he presents plain facts, many of them based on research by reputable organizations such as the Pew Research Center. 
Ezra Levant makes a chilling comparison between Europe in the 1930s and the West now.  In the 1930s Jews could see what was coming but refused to believe it.  And so they stayed until it was too late to save themselves. 

The unheeded warnings were in black and white.  Hitler wrote and published Mein Kampf, where he detailed how he planned to conquer Europe and subjugate and enslave 'inferior races'.  In the case of the Jews, he vowed to completely destroy them.
Muslims have the Koran and the Hadith, which we can read in English.   We can also access the most shocking passages of those texts by simply clicking a mouse.  We can't claim ignorance.    
Those sacred texts purport to express the will of Allah.  They dictate that Muslims must wage war against infidels.   They also sets rules for the mistreatment of women, marriage to children (Mohammad married a nine year old girl), and condone men having sex with little boys.   It sets out punishments such as mutilation, and decapitation for infractions against Islamic rules.  
Actions that may seem to you barbaric are to them the expression of devout religiosity.   There is no room for discussion or compromise.  Muslims neither can nor will assimilate. They will expect you to assimilate to Islam and convert, and they start out by expanding Sharia and shrinking Christianity.  When was the last time you saw a Merry Christmas sign on a store? 
As a minority under threat of violence, your children and grandchildren will have no choice but submit.  The word Islam itself means "submission".  Just look at the many formerly Christian lands in the Middle East, today completely Islamized.  Even Christianity's sacred sites in Bethlehem and Jerusalem are under Muslim Palestinian control.  There is only a tiny fraction of Christians in the Palestinian Authority.  Most have fled to Israel proper, or abroad.  
Globalist Hillary Clinton will unleash the beginning of the end of the United States of America and will forever crush the dream that has inspired millions of freedom loving people all over the world.  She is for open borders, no questions asked, leading to a worse mayhem than that already developing in Europe.
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

IMPRISONED GORILLA "KUMBUKA" SMASHES LONDON ZOO GLASS AND ESCAPES CAPTIVITY - Panic ensues - But he was later recaptured and returned to his enclosure - Everyone safe.

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Armed keepers chase Gorilla who has escaped from London Zoo 
'The  gorilla was agitated and we were told NOT to stare it in the eye - then he escaped': London Zoo visitors describe how 7ft-tall 29st Silverback Kumbuka smashed his glass by hurling himself through
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

CONFIRMED: VOTER FRAUD RIFE IN THE USA - Even the NYC Commissioner of the Board of Elections ADMITS IT - Democrats against voter ID imply minorities are too stupid to get one - Meantime Democrats ILLEGALLY use wave of migrants with no citizenship to boost votes for the Democrat Party

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Anyone in America can vote once, and again, and again, and again in the same election.  No proof of identity or of citizenship required.  Migrants who can't even speak basic English and without citizenship are bused from voting poll to voting poll.  Absentee ballots are a joke, since they are fraudulent for the most part.  And lots of "dead people" continue to vote.   
In 2012 the Pew Research Center found that there were at least 24 MILLION invalid voter registrations in the country.   That was before the massive wave of legal and illegal migrants allowed in by the Obama administration.   The same organization found that there were 2 MILLION dead people still on the voting lists in 2012. 
Watch Alan Shulkin, DEMOCRAT Commissioner of the Board of Elections in New York City, denounce massive voter fraud that benefits his own party.  He is sickened by it.  The Democrat Party response was to call him a racist. 
VIDEO by Black Pigeon exposing the above, and where he says it's only a matter of time till the US becomes a one-party-system nation, where the majority are automatically disenfranchised by massive voter fraud and the importation of millions of migrants from Muslim countries and all over the world. 
Black Pigeon Speaks
More videos by Black Pigeon Speaks
FLASHBACK 2012 Elections:  Democrat operatives have been seen busing Somali immigrants to early-voting stations in the swing state of Ohio, and telling them how to vote for the Democrat Party, sources report.

The Somalis, who cannot read English, are told by the Democrat operatives to “vote Brown all the way down,” anonymous eyewitnesses have told Human Events. The statement is an apparent reference to Senator Sherrod Brown, the incumbent Democrat Senator in Ohio who is on the ballot.

In a separate incident that also took place at the Morse Road polling center, Somalis bused in were handed ballots outside and instructed on how to vote for the Democrat ticket before they went inside to cast their ballots.

“Non-English speaking voters may use an interpreter” in Ohio, notes Human Events. “The interpreters are permitted by law to interpret for the individual voting; however, they are forbidden from influencing their vote in any way.”  

Ohio is home to the second-largest Somali population in the United States. The swing-state is currently tied between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Most political pundits believe Romney needs the state to win the presidency.
VIDEO - BILL CLINTON'S RAPES with Hillary as chief enabler, (explicit descriptions) - and other Democrats' history of sexual misconduct
Black Pigeon Speaks
Continue reading, and see Twitter links with news about VOTE FRAUD, and recent headlines about blatant vote fraud in THIS election.


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The kitten was rescued from the storm in Raleigh, North Carolina, and taken to Petsmart's Banfield Pet Hospital.  Using a grey tube sock, the staff made the rescued animal a sweater. 
Too cute: The cat was rescued in Raleigh, North Carolina, and taken to Petsmart's Banfield Pet Hospital

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

TRUMP, HILLARY, WHAT WILL WE TELL THE CHILDREN? Trump's vulgarity is condemned - Hillary's corruption gets rewarded - It does not make sense - Watch VIDEO of Bill Clinton's rape victim Juanita Broaddrick

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What will we tell little John and little Jane?
  • America and the West in general are morally adrift.  We seem to have lost the capacity to even identify evil. 
  • Having discarded traditional religion as a base for moral and ethical values, it is not surprise that most Americans will vote for a woman with a frightening life track of lies and corruption as the next president of the United States of America.
  • And what will we tell little John and little Jane?  How do the life examples of the Clintons and Donald Trump serve us to teach life lessons to American children? 
  • In Trump's case bad behavior has consequences.
  • In the case of the Clintons, even worse behavior is ignored and constantly rewarded.
Drawing moral lessons from the ongoing crisis in the Trump campaign is easy.  We could tell little children to lead lives of righteousness and to treat people well - if not out of purely moral reasons, then because even minor acts that violate moral or ethical principles could come back to haunt them when they least expect them.  
In the case of Hillary Clinton, the opposite is true.  The Clinton couple are the most salient example of how you can repeatedly commit all kinds of big moral and legal transgressions, get away with them, and still be voted into high office.
Both Trump and the Clintons have some traits in common, such as unbridled ambition and a single-minded pursuit of their goals.  They see the end justifying the means.  They love power.   But that's where the similarities end.
Side by side there is no comparison in the magnitude of their sins. 
Trump is the quintessentially alpha male with above average talent for self-promotion, romantic conquests, and building wealth. 
Along with that talent he has enormous selfishness, self-confidence, arrogance, and disregard for the consequences of his actions on other people.
But Trump's sins are mere peanuts compared with those of Hillary Clinton.
While a school teacher could send Donald Trump to the principal's office for a serious talk, the same teacher faced with Hillary's acts would definitely call police, to be followed by charges and prosecution ending in a jail sentence.  That is the difference between Donald and Hillary.
Will Americans notice it, so that they can vote for the candidate with lesser faults and a genuine vision to make America great again?  Maybe.  But most probably not.  After all, voters and politicians do not even question Hillary's long trail of abuse and corruption. 

From the beginning of her professional career as a lawyer, and as wife of Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, Hillary distinguished herself for her ruthlessness, corruption, and the use of lies and bullying to achieve her objectives.  
The Clintons have had an uninterrupted chain of serious scandals.  And yet, Bill twice made it to the White House, and Hillary became a Senator, and then Secretary of State.  And if the polls are right, she will be the next president of the United States of America.  
Regarding the Clintons, talk about rewarding corruption and immorality.  It would be impossible to find a moral lesson in Hillary's life story.   But hers is not an isolated case.
Evil gets rewarded - again and again
Take the case of Nazi war criminals.  After the Nuremberg Trials that appeared to bring evil men to justice, Germany rewarded thousands of Nazi war criminals with normal lives, jobs in government, and generous pensions. 
The United States hired many of them to work in the US government, particularly in the State Department and CIA, because of their knowledge of their common enemy, the Soviets  - Operation "Paperclip".   And thousands of Ukrainian Nazis guilty of gruesome war crimes  were brought into Britain after the war to live lives of comfort. 
There were many genocides in the 20th century, but it was those perpetrated by the Nazis that are closest to us because so many soldiers and partisans gave their lives to fight the Nazis.  Our countries had control over how to treat the criminals after the war.  But we let them go.  
The Vatican, that assumes to be a 'moral force' (in spite of its historical coverup of the raping of children by priests), provided thousands of false ID papers to Nazi criminals, along with routes of escape - the Rat Lines.  They counted on the complicity of the Red Cross.
And then the Vatican spent decades making diplomatic war on the State of Israel.  The Vatican can't get over the fact that some Jews survived the war long enough to return to their homeland in Israel.  That's the moral leadership of the Vatican - no different from that of other Christian denominations.
So the only lesson for little John and little Jane is that we live in a world with no moral compass, and where high principles have been hijacked and weaponized for evil purposes - such as that one that purports to be compassion for "refugees" while being used to facilitate the invasion of Western countries by racist, violent and intolerant Muslims (who are already wreaking havoc raping women and children and perpetrating acts of jihad in the West).  And where Hillary, with no moral or ethical qualifications whatsoever for the White House, is hailed as a better choice over Trump, who wants to rattle the corrupt Washington establishment.
Continue reading and watch videos: "CLINTON CASH," and testimony of Bill Clinton's rape victim.